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Current News From The Executive Director


The year 2015 has been filled with change. Since 1993, New Directions has contracted primarily with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.  Although we still work with CDCR, we are in the process of reducing the number of parolees that are enrolled and increasing the number of clients from other agencies.

In addition to CDCR clients, New Directions has contracted with the San Joaquin County
Parole Reentry Drug Court as well as San Joaquin County Child Protective Services.

The Realinement process instituted by Governor Gerry Brown has played a large role in these changes.  Parolees who were once sentenced to serve time in State institutions for the committment of misdemeanors are now directed to local jails.  The goal is to move responsibility to local jurisdictions for these individuals.

There will be a period of adjustment as this process rolls out.

New Directions is fortunate to be able to remain in operation throughout this time of uncertainty.