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The Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program, doing business as New Directions, was a concept that was developed in the early 1990's. A task force that included business people, members of law enforcement and the judicial system, sought an alternative to incarceration for men and women who were caught in the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction.

These individuals knew that addicts commit petty crimes to support their habit, are arrested, incarcerated and then choke the courts and fill the jails. The process was a revolving door that did nothing to change or help these addicts.

The concept of New Directions was to divert such people into a program that taught them how to stop the cycle. By doing so, lives could be saved as well as a great deal of money. Incarceration is very costly. And it does nothing to improve the lives of those in the system.

Led by Judge Rolleen McIlwrath, the group arranged for the New Directions program to be housed in a vacated building on the San Joaquin County Honor Farm. The program opened in 1993.

The mission of New Directions is to teach men and women who have lost control of their lives due to their addiction how to stop substance abuse and how to lead crime free, productive and happy lives.