Alcohol & Drug Awareness Program | New Directions
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As most clients have been fighting their substance abuse issues for years, the treatment program is 6 months to one year in length.

Based on the 12 steps, the program addresses much more than substance abuse. Most clients started their path to addiction at a very young age. Consequently, their emotional growth and development ceased at that time.

Clients participate in approximately 55 hours of treatment per week that addresses the following areas:

  • Discovery of why they are addicted
  • Learning about their disease
  • Learning how to prevent relapse
  • Development of a written treatment plan with their counselor
  • How to develop healthy relationships with family, friends and employers
  • Parenting classes to develop healthy parenting skills
  • GED classes on site
  • Domestic Violence classes
  • Employment readiness skills
  • Assistance with employment
  • Family reunification

Clients are assigned an individual counselor for the duration of their stay. They participate in lectures, groups, and individual sessions.