Alcohol & Drug Awareness Program | New Directions
     1981 Cherokee Rd.
     P.O. Box 5070
     Stockton, CA 95205
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Who Is Assisted


New Directions helps adult men and women from San Joaquin County. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation contracts with New Directions for treatment beds. These beds are for parolees who have long term substance abuse and criminal issues. Corrections long ago discovered that it is far less costly and more effective to provide treatment to those individuals who are appropriate than to incarcerate them.

New Directions also has a Housing and Urban Development grant that provides services free of charge for homeless individuals. These grants are available to individuals who may or may not be tied to the criminal justice system but need treatment.

Those on parole are placed here by their parole agent. Those funded by grants may be self referred.

Other clients are placed in New Directions by the San Joaquin County Parole Reentry Drug Court, San Joaquin County Post Release Court Supervision Program, and the San Joaquin County Child Protective Services Agency. These CPS men and women are in the process of regaining custody of their children.

New Directions has worked with WestCare of Fresno, California, for many years providing residential and outpatient services for their clients.