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New Directions, officially known as Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program, is a private, non-profit substance use disorder treatment facility located at 1981 Cherokee Road in Stockton, California. Established in 1992, the program has celebrated 27 years of service to adult men and women of San Joaquin County seeking to become free of alcohol and drug abuse.

We are proud that we have succeeded to remain available for people suffering from addiction for so many years. At times it has been challenging to remain sustainable. Challenging just like overcoming addiction.

We are also very grateful and humbled by the support and assistance from the community at large that includes private individuals, San Joaquin County and City of Stockton agencies, local law enforcement, the court systems, and many others that have helped us every step of the way.

Many of our staff members are alumni of New Directions. For them it is gratifying and satisfying to be able to help others as they themselves were helped. They have the passion and compassion required to share what they have learned with others who struggle.

The roots of New Directions were simple, and at the time, innovative.

In the late 1980's and early 90's, many community leaders sought an alternative to the issue of addiction and in some cases, the associated crime. The court system became tired of the revolving door of addicts being arrested for drug offenses, incarceration, and then release back into the community to restart the cycle all over again.

Members of the business community were frustrated by the same individuals conducting their "business" near their own businesses. They looked to the community for a solution.

Led by San Joaquin County judges Rolleen Mcllwrath, Judge Anthony Lucaccini, downtown business owners, law enforcement and members of Stockton and San Joaquin County government, and private citizens, a task force sought to try something new.

Rather than promoting the revolving door, New Directions was established near the San Joaquin County honor farm in French Camp to offer substance use disorder treatment and education. A chance to break the never-ending cycle.

The program began operations near the San Joaquin County Honor Farm in French Camp and remained there for seven years. In 1996, the current facility was purchased. Located at 1981 Cherokee Road in east Stockton, it was the former home of the Christian Life Pentecostal Bible College.

After 4 years of renovation, New Directions moved to the property.

Through the years, New Directions has partnered with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation , San Joaquin County Courts and Probation, Child Protective Services, WestCare California, the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, and many other agencies such as Community Medical Services, all with the same goal:  to help men and women find the way back to sober, stable, productive, healthy and happy lives.

Being in recovery means reunification with families, who are drastically impacted, it means addressing health needs, mental, physical and spiritual. Improving communications skills. Overcoming anger issues. Education gaps. Employment readiness. Stable and appropriate housing. Becoming better parents. Learning about nutrition. Resolving old issues. Building self-esteem. Respecting others. It is far more than just ceasing to abuse drugs and alcohol. It is the rebuilding of a new life.

That is why New Directions attempts to address each of these areas. Becoming clean and sober is not the only goal. The whole person must change.

Using an evidence-based curriculum, seasoned and capable staff, and years of experience, we provide our participants with treatment that is designed just for them. Individual and personal care.