New Directions Alcohol and Drug Awareness ProgramNew Directions is located at 1981 Cherokee Road in East Stockton. The site, a former Bible College, provides treatment to 44 men and 30 women. Participants live in dormitories that typically house two people per room.

With nearly 30,000 square feet of buildings and a property site of 2.5 acres, the program provides a nurturing and comfortable atmosphere.

The mission of New Directions is to teach men and women who have lost control of their lives due to their addiction how to stop substance abuse and how to lead crime free, productive and happy lives.

In 2009, New Directions completed the renovation of  an existing building in order to increase treatment capacity by 25 clients and give the women their own separate facility.  Named in honor of our late board member, James Larson, this renovation was made possible through grants provided by The City of Stockton, California and San Joaquin County, California.